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What we do:

Revitalize your visualization and brand with 3D graphics, develop unique digital avatars, immerse in the world of augmented reality, create cutting-edge 3D websites, and explore the possibilities of neural networks for content creation. Make your impressive project with us!

Multimedia Studio

& Production Center

3D visual / Creative strategy / Digital avatars / AR + Tech / 3D websites/ Neural network content

CATS Digital Studio Clients




Multimedia Installation for MTS / Showroom of technologies

Gunna: The Gift / 3D intro by CATS Digital Studio

Post-production for music video clip of Every_day_rain

Digital Idols for KIND MAGAZINE

«JACOB & CO» Astronomia Maestro Worldtime / ADS by CATS

Digital cover for “Esquire” by SubSensus

Digital avatar DATASON / Logo, Concept, Content & website

Magazine 3D cover for ПЖ / autumn 2022

MONO SHOW / Produced by CATS

Teaser for PANTHERPACK - BUZZ / Jackson Wang

3D Advertising for MOOW (P2E) / Pulse To Earn

We apply an individual and creative approach to each project, listening carefully to the needs of the client in order to highlight the character and uniqueness of your product. We create projects that inspire.


About us

We are CATS Digital Studio

Our team is a combination of a high level management and a unique creative vision.


Working with us, you get effective project management that allows you to achieve your goals on time and according to expectations. 

We are characterized by flexible communication and strategic thinking, able to determine the best visual solutions for your task.


Tell us about your project and we will offer a customized solution to suit your needs.


Vlad Budanov

CEO, Creative producer

Alexandr Subsensus

Art Director, Digital artist

Dustin Mellow

Art Director, Digital artist

Klim Nikolaev

Animator, Digital artist

Diana Llieva

Digital artist

Kristina Oleshkevich 

Art Curator | Lawyer

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