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Gunna: The Gift / 3D intro by CATS Digital Studio

Gunna head of Daniel Arsham underwater
Gunna - the gift.

For only 14 days CATS.STUDIO have created intro for Gunna show in New York and Los Angeles.

3D head sculpt was made by Daniel Arsham Studio CATS Digital made underwater textures of this head

Still Shots from Gunna intro:

Gunna the gift intro storyboard
Gunna the gift intro storyboard

Source of video from show - YouTube channel “hollywoodoluvlogs”


Production Studio / CATS Digital Studio

Creative Producer / Budanov Vlad

Art Direction / Alexandr Subsensus @subsensus Dustin Mellow @mellowsfeel

Storyboard Artist / Dustin Mellow @mellowsfeel

Animation / Klim Nikolaev @klimnikolaev96 Dustin Mellow @mellowsfeel

Animatic / Klim Nikolaev @klimnikolaev96 3D artists / Dustin Mellow @mellowsfeel Klim Nikolaev @klimnikolaev96 Nikolay Khan @nikolay_khan_ Burch Danilo @high_burch Houdini Artist / Politov Andrei @andipolito Alymkulov Ulukbek

Texturing Assets/ Diana Llieva @diana_llieva

Compositing Artists/ Dustin Mellow @mellowsfeel Klim Nikolaev @klimnikolaev96 Denis Khrushchev @denixvision Aydar Galiev @ohnoags


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