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Teaser for PANTHERPACK - BUZZ / Jackson Wang

Chinese hip hop group PANTHEPACK @panthepack , formed in 2021 under the management of Team Wang @jacksonwang852g7 , approached us with a request to create a futuristic teaser for the upcoming track and music video «Buzz,» where we developed the design of a cyber panda and its surroundings.

We experimented with the concept and arrived at the desired look. After agreeing on sketches, we started creating the location, animation, and the teaser is ready.

Look Video below about "how we created a teaser":

In the music video, American-Chinese singer Karensich, Taiwanese musician J. Shea, and Chinese rap star ICE play engineers and programmers who create a giant robot panda. However, the robot goes out of control and they send it into space


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